Current Measures

Due to the Covid 19 Virus we have implemented new measures in the clinic.   Some of these measures are consistent with our usual practices, some of these are additional and permanent and some of these will likely be temporary.   We have introduced these in line with our Risk Assessment and deem them to be necessary to open and practice in a manner which keeps our staff and our clients safe.   Here is what to expect:

 You will be asked to wait outside until the time of your appointment. Please don’t arrive early.

 You will be asked to bring your own water and face mask with you but we can provide you with these if you forget.     

Your therapist will be wearing full PPE.   The reception team will also wear PPE.  This will include aprons, masks, gloves where appropriate and visors.

We will be seeing less patients each day in order to allow for cleaning time in between  appointments.   

We are stringently cleaning and sanitising all surfaces in every area.   The treatment beds will not be made up when you arrive and we will deem what covering is needed at the time of consultation.   The treatment rooms have a lot less equipment in them, as do communal areas.   


You will however still be greeted by the same staff, with a smile and given the very best care we can give, as we always have.   Our main priority is ensuring that you receive the treatment you need in a space which still feels happy and comfortable, as well as safe.