Blog 6 -w/c Monday 21st July

This week I get to start counting down in single figures until my expected due date!  It also means that I am finding everyday tasks hard, especially with the current heat. I’ve given quite a lot of thought to the training plan I will need to follow over the next year for when I return to running.  I also realise I can’t start this until the new year but it is good to have something to think about whist I am far from my normal active self.  It is important not to take on too much too soon and it will involve a very slow build-up of mileage.  It is recommended that when you start your training plan, you are not to increase mileage by more than 10% a week to help avoid overuse injuries.  It is also important to develop the speed element of running before stamina.  This means that from the beginning of my training plan I must include interval training sessions as well as strength sessions before I can contemplate increasing millage to any distance that will help with marathon running.