Blog 7 – w/c Monday 28th July

This week I’ve been giving quite a lot of thought to the types of training sessions I will need to start doing.  Interval training such as one mile reps will need to feature. For this I need to decide on my target time.  I have been thinking that three and a half hours is a good starting point, and if I manage anything quicker then it will be a bonus.  The idea is that you run one mile faster than your expected pace, and then alternate it with a mile that is slower than your expected pace.  This is also a good tactic if you are feeling tired in a race and you want to break it up a little.   Obviously to start with I will be running a minute fast, alternated with a slow minute, but as I get fitter and further into the training programme the time intervals will get longer.  I will also need to add in strength sessions.  These will include exercises such as squats and dead lifts, as well as lots of core and upper body work.  Strength is important in long distance running to help improve stamina, however it is the one part of a training plan many athletes will miss out.