February Offer

February Offer

Initial Consultation for £35!

For the month of February get any injury/chronic issue assessed for only £35.

Treatment, and/or advice starts in the session.


expires on 28/02/2023

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Please check back

There is no offer this month.  Please check back in February.

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New Yoga Class!

A new Yoga class will be starting next Thursday 14th March led by our very own Charlotte.

Every Thursday at 7pm, £8 per class or pay for 6 in advance for £42.00.

See you there!

Personal Training Price Reduction

From May 2017 we are pleased to announce a reduction in the price of Personal Training Sessions.

Peak Sessions are now £25.00 per hour

Off Peak Sessions remain at £20.00 per hour   (10am – 4pm)

Course of 10 sessions are now £200.00 (can be taken at any time of the day)

Contact Problems

We are experiencing problems with our phone lines today (Thursday 23rd March).

If you have a query for our Chester branch please either email info@anatomychester.co.uk or telephone 0161 861 0848.

Fitness Class holidays

Emma will be off on holiday the week commencing 20th Feb.

The only classes running this week will be the 6.30pm class on Monday and Thursday with Joe standing in for Emma.

Back to normal week commencing the 27th.

Thank you

Bootcamp postponement

I’m sure that Joe has made you all aware that Bootcamp will be postponed for the next few weeks.

We’ve had to start that from this evening I’m afraid (#babycoming!)

Back to normal on April 11th


Fitness Center Rental

Are you a personal trainer or gym instructor looking for premises?  If you are qualified to level 2 then you can rent our space and equipment to train your clients here – this takes all the hassle of paying bills, sourcing premises, risk assessments and maintaining equipment off your hands, we’ll do it all for you!

We have the following deals available however please feel free to contact us if you are looking for different terms

£8 per hour – you must use a minimum of 10 hours per week

£500 per month – this is the highest level package of rental for 34 hours per week.

The facility is available to rent every weekday evening from 4pm-9pm and all day on Saturdays.

Please contact sharon@anatomymanchester.co.uk for further information.

Blog – w/c Monday 6th July

Trainers….. Black ones, white ones, ones with go faster stripes…

It’s a question we often get asked. What trainers should I wear? Which is often followed by, I’ve been to a Trainer shop and they watched me walk around in different shoes and I’m even more confused now….

Well, to start with, every event, and every type of training can require different footwear. So tennis requires different shoes to long distance running, which requires different shoes to a long distance race, and again different shoes to track running.

So, when you ask this question, remember what you have in mind, training wise. If you’re a long distance runner who races and your looking for improvements in your times, then you will need your normal training shoes as well as a race pair, which are usually slightly lighter in weight.

Then, you have to know if you pronate, supinate, or are just neutral. In the old days they used to take a look at your barefoot print after you got out the shower. This really doesn’t tell you much. You must be assessed moving in bare feet to get a true picture of what your foot actually does.

Although it sounds really complicated, the correct footwear is essential, not only for improvements in training, but also to keep you injury free.

Blog – w/c Monday 29th June

Now there is warm weather training and then there is just being daft! It’s not often Britain gets a heatwave, but when it does we seem to sit out in it, covered in cooking oil, burning ourselves. Well some of us do. Others who are being dedicated to their training think, excellent! Athletes do it so it must be good for me!

Training in a heatwave is not a good idea. It really isn’t going to harm your training programmes to take a few days off, or to try something indoors. All too often I see people in this country out running in the mid day heat because they are too scared to miss a session, or think it will aid their training.

Training in very hot weather you are unaccustomed to can lead to many problems. Commonly cramp, headaches, dehydration, and pulled muscles. This isn’t to say all people suffer in this weather. Athletes such as sprinters, enjoy this weather and actually thrive and improve their training. However, they still wouldn’t train in a heatwave if their body is not used to it.

It you are determined to train, make sure you get up extra early, or save it till after 8pm. Hats are essential, as is water proof sun cream. Even at those times of day. Blisters are more likely, so remember to use talc inside your socks to try and prevent them. Also Vaseline in areas that rub such as inner thighs and under arms is also a good idea. Remember to take water, drink plenty and try and find routes that are in the shade. This weather never lasts long in this country so taking a few days off until things get back to normal isn’t going to hurt.

Blog – w/c Monday 15th June

So, we are all focused on our training, it’s going really well… Then boredom kicks in!

It happens to us all. No matter what your training for, it happens to most people about a month to six weeks after you start. Don’t worry, this is totally normal, it’s why gyms are packed in January, and then by mid February they are empty again. People start to realise how much time training takes, and how other things in your life, that you miss doing, have taken a back seat.

This is where changing your training around, or cross training becomes important. Firstly it’s always helpful to pick an event or sport that fits into your routine. For instance, there is no point taking up squash if the nearest court is 45 minutes away – your interest will dwindle very quickly. Secondly as soon as you feel you’re getting bored change your routine. So, find a different friend to train with, or change your routes or even try a different activity for a while. This change doesn’t have to be similar to your chosen sport, it could be something totally different. But what it will do is keep you fit and active so that when your ready to go back to your training plan, you will do it with the enjoyment you started out with originally.

And remember, your training plan needs to be flexible. Don’t worry about missing sessions, or altering something someone has given you. Everybody works differently so nobody’s training should be the same.