The FITKIT Pro® is the latest, most dynamic and functional way of training in the industry today. Invented by a team of fitness professionals in Britain, this piece of equipment has been designed for ease of use and for outstanding results. Its similar to the TRX suspension system, but has two straps rather than one for ease of use.

For the past decade every instructor, coach and personal trainer has been on about the importance of core stability while always pointing to the abs area to show what they mean. FITKIT Pro® is a major jump forward in the ability to use your core to the best of its ability, which includes every joint in the body. The aim of this revolutionary bit of equipment is to enable everyone, from the complete beginner to the elite, to improve the way their body works in both every day movements through to the international playing fields.

Most coaches agree there are limitations to weight lifting due to a lack of functional and sport specificity exercises. Although weight lifting produces power in the vertical plane and is multi-joint (specific? intensive?) it involves little or no multi-directional movement such as ROTATIONAL, DIAGONAL and MULTI-PLANAR (sagittal, frontal, transverse / rotational) movement.

The FITKIT Pro® achieves all these movements and, more importantly, enables the introduction of Fundamental movement for all ages and abilities from general fitness for everyday life to extreme / sport specific activities such as a high jumper (which is single leg explosive jump, with rotational and diagonal movements) and getting in or out of a car (which is a single leg squat with rotation).

So what can the FITKIT Pro® do for you?

With 400+ exercises it will give you TOTAL fitness: strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. No other fitness kit can give ALL these benefits. Excellent whether you want to either lose weight or gain lean muscle mass. The FITKIT Pro® develops agility and flexibility with balance whilst gaining strength. Perfect for runners, climbers, swimmers, cyclists and many fitness enthusiasts who want to get stronger but not bulkier.

For those who love traditional free weight training the FITKIT Pro® totally complements these exercises, helping to get beyond sticking points / plateaus. The FITKIT Pro® can be used by everyone and not only do Britain’s elite athletes use it, but it is also featured in the brand new TV series ‘Britain’s Biggest Loser’ in which contestants are put through their paces.

FITKIT Pro® will change the way you train forever by showing you a completely new and exciting way to train. Interesting and challenging exercises will improve all aspects of your life and help you with all your fitness wants. The results will allow you to improve the way your body works and moves, in your everyday life.