Fitness Classes

*** ***Emma is on holiday this week.  The next class is Thursday 2nd November .

Please also note that the 7.30pm classes are postponed until further notice. ******

Here is some information about the class schedule we now run.   Please click here to see the timetable.   You do not need to be a member or pay upfront to join the classes – just turn up and have fun!

Classes will be modified/added depending on popularity and feedback so don’t be afraid to let us know what you like, don’t like or make suggestions of what you would like to see.   You can follow the class teacher Emma on our twitter account @anatomychester or on our instagram feed @anatomychesterltd


These classes are designed in a way that they can be fun but still leave you with the feeling of achievement.

These classes will be suited to all abilities but still challenging for everyone.

These sessions will include different exercises( aerobic exercises and weighted exercises) all based on different stations which you will move from one to another on.

Unlike other circuit classes the exercises used will vary and there will be new and interesting exercises used each week so that you never become bored!



HITT is a high intensity interval class this is unlike an aerobics class and it works in short bursts that involve powerful and fast exercises. This is a great class for fat burning and leaves you feeling fantastic.

HITT class exercises will change each week to keep you motivated and challenged but will always by high intensity exercises with intervals throughout.

These type of classes can be suited to everyone and are a great way to push yourself.



Suitable for those with no or very little exercise class experience, this class will provide more time for teaching exercise techniques and questions.

This will be an enjoyable class that provides a range of basic exercises

Bring a partner or come alone and get involved with this fun exercise class!



For those looking for a challenge this class will involve a variety of basic to advanced exercises that will all be done at a quick pace. This class will include aerobics, weights and also regular competitions amongst the group.


Kettlebell and weights class:

Great for those looking to build some muscle, power and strength. This class will help to tone your body and also help with muscle weaknesses or muscle imbalances.

This class will involve reps and sets rather than timing.


Bums, tums and guns:

This class will specifically target your legs arms and bottoms. Whether this is because you want to lose fat in these areas, increase their size or just tone them up this class is for you. This class will involve body weight exercises and weighted exercises also.