Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Here at Anatomy Chester we are able to perform Lymphatic drainage massage, which is an extremely light massage that works solely on the lymphatic system, it does not penetrate to the depth of muscle tissue.  This is not to be confused with Manual Lymphatic Drainage,or MDL as it is otherwise known, which clinic director Jennie is also able to perform.  This type of massage focuses on assisting the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and other waste products from the body, by using light movements to encourage lymphatic flow.

The elimination of toxins improves the overall functioning and condition of the body, boosts the immune system, and helps to remove excess fluid, reducing areas of puffiness and swelling caused by water retention.

It is a one hour treatment that follows a set routine, following the lymph system as it travels around the body.  It clears the lymph from the neck region first before clearing the full body and then ends by clearing the neck again.  This treatments is most effective if it is repeated in quick succession to help with the removal of edema and toxins from various parts of the body.